Our mission is to help people around the globe, which is guided by the slogan“building holy and healthy lives.” The organization is to help children and young adults around the world grow in their faith

The non-profit organization will focus on proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and contributing to the building of a holy community throughout the world. Furthermore, we strive to inspire people to live a righteous life and fulfilling their duties to both God and fellow men. We are living in a time that is full of challenges and temptations. Furthermore, some people have lost hope in life because of the adverse events and problems that they face. However, all hope is not lost as Christ is always willing to help His creations to overcome challenges if they believe in Him. As an organization, we will focus on sowing the seed of hope in the heart of every member of the community and assisting people in increasing their faith in the Lord. It is also imperative to state that human beings are now living in a society that is characterized by the emergence of post-modern culture. Furthermore, post-moderns have strived to show their rejection of the concept of modernism and the church that is built on it. In some cases, the post-moderns direct their attention to consumerism and technology to overcome life challenges. The mission of the non-profit organization will entail creating a platform through which post-modern people can experience the forgiveness and grace of God. Besides, the organization will focus on helping people deal with the life challenges that they face by seeking the guidance of the Lord. Finally, we intend to contribute to the creation and nurturing of a society made up of people who understand the teachings of the Lord and depend on God for their daily needs.